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Construction Site Injuries

Were you injured on a construction site?

By its nature, construction is a hazardous industry. Workers are well aware of dangers on the worksite, and do not knowingly place themselves in situations where they could be injured. But they can be injured despite being careful and following job site protocol and practices. Because injured workers typically receive Workers Compensation benefits through their employer, when they are injured on the job, they generally cannot make a direct claim against their employer for negligence.

In many cases in New York State, the law allows injured workers to pursue a
claim against owners and general contractors for violations of Labor Law and applicable safety regulations on the worksite. There are laws that require owners and general contractors to be financially responsible for safety on the job site.

To pursue such a claim, the injured worker needs an experienced and well-qualified attorney, who understands the workings of the Labor Law and the various safety regulations, and is prepared to see the matter through to trial, if necessary. The Lynn Law Firm has a long history of representing injured construction workers, and achieving some of the highest settlements and verdicts in various jurisdictions.

Examples of Resolved Cases

  • $645,000 for a worker with a broken leg suffered in a fall from a scaffold.  
  • $312,000 for a 39-year-old foreman who sustained internal injuries in a fall.  
  • $729,000 for a 39-year-old teacher injured while volunteering at a school dance, when a bungee from an inflatable bungee run broke loose and struck her in the eye.  
  • $1,350,000 for an electrician involved in a worksite accident due to a defectively maintained and designed electrical junction box.  
  • $755,425 jury verdict awarded to a laborer injured during demolition.  
  • $1,200,000 jury verdict awarded to the Estate of a municipal worker injured when a compactor/roller overturned during operation on a roadway, crushing and killing him. 
  • $1,600,000 jury verdict awarded to an electrician who sustained multiple fractures and spinal injuries in a fall from a sports stadium during the course of renovation.  
  • $1,570,000 for a volunteer firefighter who suffered a back injury when a silo collapsed during demolition concurrent with fire fighting activities within the silo.