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Product Liability

Were you injured in an accident involving a defective product?

Do you believe a defective product caused your injuries, or failed to function or protect you as expected?

We all rely on hundreds of products every day to function as we expect them to, and not to cause harm or injury. However, products do sometimes fail, causing serious injury or death. If there is a valid basis to prove unsafe design, manufacture, warning and/or marketing, a claim may be made against the manufacturer and/or retailer of the defective product. Product liability claims require the expertise of the most experienced and highest qualified attorneys in your area. Proper case preparation requires technical assessment, thorough investigation, as well as the resources to pursue a lawsuit through verdict and any appeals. These are not easy claims to pursue. They require a great deal of attorney time, expert witness and financial resources.

Most often, the plaintiff in a product liability lawsuit is up against the considerable resources of a major national or international corporation, which throws up road blocks every step of the way. You need an attorney/law firm who has battled product liability claims before, has taken them to trial, and has achieved substantial recoveries for their clients.

The Lynn Law Firm has 50 years of experience and has litigated hundreds of a wide variety of product liability cases.

Examples of Resolved Cases

  • $11,000,000 jury verdict award to a firefighter for injuries caused by defective firefighting protective gear.
  • $3,750,000 settlement for a hand injury caused by a chop saw in an industrial setting.
  • $325,000 settlement for an explosion at a paper mill caused by an industrial steam kettle failure.
  • $1,120,000 settlement for a closed head injury caused by a compression fitting failure.
  • $3,750,000 settlement for brain injuries caused by snowplow attachment on a pick-up truck involved in a motor vehicle accident.
  • $1,400,000 settlement for brain injuries caused by snowplow attachment on a pickup truck involved in a motor vehicle accident.
  • $1,500,000 settlement for a scalp degloving injury caused by farm equipment.  
  • $1,350,000 settlement for burn injuries caused by a malfunctioning toaster oven.