If your property has been damaged due a to a storm you may be entitled to make an insurance claim for the damage.  Wind, rain, snow, tornados, hurricanes and many other natural weather events cause damage to property that is covered under insurance policies.  Notifying the insurer in a timely manner is an important component of making an insurance claim.  You can provide notice of the claim by any means identified in the insurance policy – oftentimes as simple as calling your insurance agent.  Insurers dispute the storm damage claims through a number of different avenues – often inappropriately relying on water exclusions.   If your property has suffered damage due to a storm you may need to retain a public adjuster or attorney.  Sometimes you may require both.  Most public adjuster work on a contingent fee arrangement – meaning they will only charge if you make a recovery. 

Storm Landscape

The Lynn Law Firm also offers representation on a contingent fee basis to help guide policyholders through the claim process.  In addition to its state court practice, the Lynn Law Firm practices in Federal Courts throughout the United State and in certain territories. 


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