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Insurance Cases

Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to analyze coverage issues and pursue a claim against the insurance company when they deny coverage.


Fire Losses

Fires can destroy entire buildings in a matter of hours and, frequently, what the fire does not destroy the fire suppression will. When a home or business is damaged by fire the emotional and monetary consequences can be almost impossible to fathom. Insurance may be the last thing on your mind but unfortunately it may require almost immediate attention

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Equipment Breakdown Claims

Equipment breakdown coverage is important for many people including business owners. Equipment breakdown insurance covers a wide variety of losses including mechanical failure, motor burnout, equipment breakdown, malfunction, and other claims involving appliances, equipment and devices.

When there is an equipment breakdown it is important to recognize it as a potential insurance claim and to put the insurance carrier on notice and properly document the loss. Sometimes claims can be compromised by a policyholder’s failure to identify that an insurance claim has occurred due to a business owner’s interest in getting the company operational as fast as possible.

The Lynn Law Firm has successfully prosecuted numerous equipment breakdown claims on behalf of individuals and businesses. It is important to contact the Lynn Law Firm as soon as possible after a loss to ensure that your rights are protected.

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Business Income Losses

Business income losses are some of the most important claims for businesses. These claims can also be challenging. Because business income claims often involve large dollar amounts insurance carriers regularly challenge these claims. Obtaining the correct documents to support your claim and producing them in a manner that the insurance company will accept requires skill and knowledge of the insurance claims process. Oftentimes, policyholders may need to hire experts such as accountants to support business income insurance claims.

Business income claims can have a huge impact on a business. Insurance denials, underpayment of the insurance claim or slow payment of the insurance claim can have a significant impact on a business. There can also be a loss of business opportunities and extra contractual damages. Business owners should hire a law firm to pursue business income claims and the Lynn Law Firm regularly handles large business income claims for policyholders.

Water Losses

Water damage, which in the insurance world is called a “water loss”, occurs frequently and for many reasons. Water losses are one of the most common insurance claims. Water losses can occur as a result of a broken pipe, boiler failure, ice, negligence, earth movement, collapse, and many other causes.

Unfortunately, water losses are generally under reported to insurance companies by insureds and are often denied or underpaid by insurance companies. It is important to promptly notify your insurance carrier of a water loss. In addition to areas of property that have been damaged by water, there is often mold and mildew damage due to moisture. A thorough investigation and factual determination is important for obtaining insurance coverage in a water loss.

The Lynn Law Firm should be contacted to review your insurance policy to determine whether there should be coverage for the loss.

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Insurance Claim Denial

Insurance companies frequently delay and deny insurance claims. If you have received an insurance claim denial, you should not treat it as the end of the road.

Insurance companies are in the business of making profits and they often deny claims that are later paid after aggressive and artful litigation. The Lynn Law Firm has challenged hundreds of insurance company denials that resulted in payment to the insureds.

If you have received an insurance coverage denial for a claim, you should contact the Lynn Law Firm immediately to see if the Lynn Law Firm is willing to challenge the insurance company’s denial.

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Hurricane Insurance Claims

Hurricanes cause devastating damages to properties. Property owners often carry special hurricane insurance coverage for losses resulting from a hurricane. Insurance companies involved in hurricane claims are sophisticated and are often handling hundreds if not thousands of claims for the same hurricane.

It is important that an insured take certain steps under the insurance policy as well as state and federal law to insure that a hurricane insurance claim is properly filed and paid.

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Life Insurance

Life Insurance is an important insurance product to protect loved ones, businesses and family.  Oftentimes, spouses and family rely upon life insurance to cover mortgage payments and other expenses. 

Timely and properly submitting a life insurance claim is an important step in obtaining payment(s) on the life insurance policy. Families, suffering after the loss of a loved one, often need help navigating life insurance claims. 

When a life insurance claim is denied you need to have a law firm specializing in insurance coverage to represent your interests.  The Lynn Law Firm has navigated life insurance claims and successfully litigated life insurance denials for decades. 

Contact us as soon as possible if you have a life insurance issue. 

Representative Cases

The Lynn Law Firm has represented hundreds of policyholders in successful efforts to receive money owed them by their insurance company. The below is just a sample of our recent representations.


  • Hofmann Companies Holdings v. Travelers, Case 18-0051 (N.D.N.Y.):
    Represented Syracuse institution, the Hofmann Hot Dog company, in litigation against Travelers for refusal to cover a loss resulting from equipment failure. Settled on confidential terms following mediation.
  • Renda Broadcasting: Represented Pittsburgh-based Renda Broadcasting in obtaining full compensation for damages to radio transformers and other business property resulting from Hurricane Irma in Florida.
  • Pemco Properties v. Citizens Insurance, Case 15-806 (N.D.N.Y.): 
    Represented owners of the Hills Building in Syracuse after insurance company denied claim for substantial water damage. Case settled on confidential terms following mediation.
  • The Hayner Hoyt Corporation v. Chicago Title, Case 2014-2101 (Sup. Ct. Onondaga Cty.): 
    Represented Hayner Hoyt in successful effort to obtain insurance proceeds due it under a title insurance policy, resulting in a $725,000 settlement.
  • Avichal v. Seneca Insurance Company, Case 2016-659 (Sup. Ct. Onondaga
    Following a massive water loss at the historic Grand Royale Hotel in Binghamton, the insurance company refused to pay any of the property owner’s claim. After nearly three years of litigation by our firm, the insurance company agreed to pay $650,000 on the eve of trial.


  • Chavis v. New York Central Mutual, Case 2016-4038 (Sup. Ct. Onondaga Cty.):
    The Lynn Law Firm won a verdict in favor of plaintiffs at trial, obtaining a judgment in excess of $250,000 after insurance company had refused to make any payment at all for afire loss.
  • Cotillis v. New York Central Mutual, Case 2014-2262 (Sup. Ct. Broome Cty.):
    The insurance companied had refused to pay for a fire loss. The Lynn Law Firm won a verdict in favor of plaintiff after a week-long trial, and then defeated the insurance company’s efforts to appeal the verdict.
  • Pollicino v. Allstate, Case 17-00824 (N.D.N.Y.):
    Represented homeowner whose home was destroyed by fire and insurance company refused to pay on the basis that he did not“reside” at the home. The Lynn Law Firm won dismissal of Allstate’s primary basis for denying coverage before trial, and the case settled on a confidential basis shortly thereafter.
  • Gulati v. Allstate Ins. Co., 2014-1031 (Sup. Ct. Chemung Co.):
    Obtained summary judgment decision from Court requiring insurance company to pay claim to policyholder after extensive litigation. Case settled on confidential terms shortly after the court’s decision.
  • Moylan v. Allstate, Case 2018-2320 (Sup. Ct. Jefferson Cty.):
    Represented homeowner denied coverage on the basis of “residence” exclusion. Settled on confidential basis.