Insurance companies have unlimited resources to investigate and deny claims. Insurance companies are friendly when they want to sign you up and obtain premiums, but often have a different response to sharing their financial resources (paying claims) to its policyholders unless they are forced to do so. 

Following a fire, insurers will often retain a fire investigator, which they may describe as “routine.” Similarly, in a water loss or collapse claim an “engineer” may be retained by the insurance carrier. Again, this is often described as routine. 

A policyholder should consider contacting an attorney anytime an insurance carrier retains anyone to “investigate” a claim. The insurance carriers have fire investigators, lawyers, engineers, “special investigators”, adjusters and many other individuals at their disposal to “investigate” claims. To be sure, the insurance carrier’s goal is not to find coverage for the policyholder. The insurance company’s goal is not pay a claim or, if it does agree to pay, to pay as little as possible.

Lynn Law Insurance Team

When an insurance carrier involves a professional to “investigate” your claim we recommend you contact the Lynn Law Firm immediately to protect your interests. 

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