Beware of the Insurer


Insurance companies have unlimited resources to investigate and deny claims. Insurance companies are friendly when they want to sign you up and obtain premiums, but often have a different response to sharing their financial resources (paying claims) to its policyholders unless they are forced to do so.  Following a fire, insurers will often retain a […]

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Hire the Lynn Law Firm to Represent You

Lynn Law team

If you are in an insurance coverage dispute with your insurer you need a highly skilled, experienced, forceful, and respected insurance coverage litigation law firm to represent your interests.  The Lynn Law Firm prosecutes insurance coverage cases only on behalf of policyholders – this means the firm never represents the interests of an insurance carrier.  […]

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Broken and Frozen Pipes – Water Damage


Damage to your property caused by a broken or frozen pipe is often covered under an insurance policy.  Water is an insidious force that can cause damage to homes and businesses.  If you have water damage to your home or business you should document the damages and timely report the claim to your insurance carrier.  […]

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Storm Damage

Storm Landscape

If your property has been damaged due a to a storm you may be entitled to make an insurance claim for the damage.  Wind, rain, snow, tornados, hurricanes and many other natural weather events cause damage to property that is covered under insurance policies.  Notifying the insurer in a timely manner is an important component […]

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Acronyms Mean Money

Cash and change on a counter top

Do you know how much your property is insured for? Most of us do not know the answer off the top of our heads, but we probably think we know where to look: at our insurance policy. (If you have a copy of your insurance policy, you are far ahead of most.) But a look […]

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A Question of Residence

A house with a white picket fence in fall

If you have homeowner’s insurance in New York, your insurance policy likely has language providing that the home be a “residence premises” of the insured. In recent years, insurance companies have seized on this language to try to avoid paying claims. But in fact the law is much less straightforward than the insurance company may […]

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Your Obligations as an Insured

Policyholders are often surprised to learn that their insurance policy imposes certain obligations on them, not just on the insurance company. It is important to consult your policy (and an attorney) about your obligations for each claim. But, among other things, you are likely required to: Cooperate with the insurance company in its investigation. Your […]

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Your Rights as an Insured

American flag in a field

You have the right to a fair adjustment of the claim based on the terms of your policy. You have the right to a timely investigation of your claim. There are certain specific timing obligations on the insurer, although many of these can be satisfied by form letters from the insurer. You have the right […]

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