Damage to your property caused by a broken or frozen pipe is often covered under an insurance policy.  Water is an insidious force that can cause damage to homes and businesses.  If you have water damage to your home or business you should document the damages and timely report the claim to your insurance carrier.  Water can seep into interior walls, floors and ceilings causing damage that is not visible to the untrained observer.  It is important to understand the full extent of any water damage.  If your property was damaged due to a broken pipe or frozen pipe the insurer may attempt to disclaim coverage or “investigate” the claim.  Some insurance policies limit or exclude from coverage certain water damage or frozen pipes or provide limited coverage relating to mold.  The insurance company adjusters know what is covered under the insurance policies when they “investigate” a claim for water damage and often approach the investigation to find reasons to deny or limit the claim. 


It is important to have someone advocating for your claim that knows the insurance policy provisions and the insurance law.  If your home or business has suffered water damage that you believe may be an insurance claim call the Lynn Law Firm today. 

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